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" The fullness of all things is unity and, in unity, there is no one inferior term to the other, both are one. "

Hermès Trismégiste.

Unity is the Key is a publishing and coaching house specialized in personal development.


Through the publication of videos, books and articles, events (conferences, crash courses, and trips for debutants) offered to those seeking to reach their full awareness potential.


The knowledge we transmit effects as much

  • the physical body awareness (full vitality),

  • the intellectual awareness (self-knowledge),

  • the emotional awareness (self-control)

  • the spiritual awareness (the development of creativity, intuition, perception).


Tony Da Costa

Tony Da Costa is a Coach specialized in the accompaniment for twin flames. He is trained with techniques leading to Unicity; relationship management, overcome DPA, creation of compensation plan, NVC, quit the triangle of Karpman. If you are the most important person in your life, make an appointment today.


Anaïs Doussot

Anaïs Doussot is also specialized in all areas leading to Uniqueness.

Trained in energy care, physical magnetism, liberation and memory cleaning, you will have a concentration of skills with her.

The agenda of Anaïs Doussot is online to make your appointment easier.

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Tony Da Costa's Videos guiding the twin flames on their steep path towards Unity ...




Follow this theme on our Blog and discover the articles concerning Twin Flames...


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Vital Energy Everyday, the discovery of an existence... know everything about energies...

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