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We are a publishing house specialized in personal development. This area may seem common today but our approach is broader than most offered in this domaine. Indeed, it is of high importance for us to provide people with useful tools, bringing them to the full awakening of their existence. 


Every morning in everyone's life, they hope and aim to reach and maintain a state of joy and harmony. Our approach is to allow the understanding that the existence of everyone is unique to himself. His hopes, desires, needs, thoughts and abilities are influenced both by his education, activities, surroundings, society and diktats, religions, kindness, beliefs, etc. 

It is very difficult in today's world to know how to behave among all the influences we live. Past, present, and even future influences are often experienced unconsciously. 

And it is precisely through the awakening of consciousness that Unity is the Key works with several supports. 


We publish books that bring awareness and ways of individual solutions according to the topics addressed. Our articles in the Blog section of this website are intended to provoke questioning about the world, changing viewing angles in order to better discern our behavior in a society in loss of bearings. 


Ancient civilizations and their knowledge are still an immense source of lucid awareness of the cycles of humanity. They had known for a long time that everything in Life is energy . That there are multiple and changing kinds of energy. That the human race should find that lost knowledge in order to evolve towards a state of joy and harmony within himself and with the others. 

From 2012 till today, humanity has been influenced by new energies, having an impact over every embodied soul. Our consciences will gain in lucidity and perception. In that respect, the sources of "personal development" must change to reincorporate what the Atlanteans, the Egyptians, the Incas, the Mayans had long since noted: A true personal development is knowing everything within yourself. It is to shed light on within all of our being by healing ourselves from our wounds, frustrations, fears, ... Today, personal development techniques must be as much psychological as spiritual. 


Unity is the Key takes part through a pragmatic and ethical approach to the Human beings. It is about feeling the pulse of Humanity and accompanying individuals towards Unity; a state of understanding, lucidity, and responsibility for one's own existence. 


We publish themed videos, offer conferences, personal development courses, personalized coaching, bringing you to a fulfilling life. 

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