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My journey


My name is Anaïs, practitioner in development of consciences and energetic, I am medium since I was a child.

I began my journey by exploring the different aspects of mediumship, and its supports to work on them. I then became interested in the passage of wandering souls who kept asking for my help. Magnetism having always been conscious, it is natural that I went towards the learning of energy care to understand the functioning of the energies around me and within me.

I was trained in traditional Chinese energy, Ayurveda as well as in the accompaniment, exploration and healing of trauma, emotional dependence but also in the follow-up of the work characteristic of Twin Flames thanks to my personal experience in particular, and the joint work with Fabien Marchand. (see note at the bottom of the page).


The sessions are held remotely.

The way to proceed to benefit is the following : Make an appointment at the day and time that suit you on the SuperSaas platform by clicking here.


I will contact you at the time of appointment by phone (for France), Whatsapp or Skype voice.


Thank you for providing a quiet context and what to note, I can not summarize at the end of the session.


What is an energy treatment?

Rebalancing care consists of cleaning, recharging and harmonizing the energy structure of each individual (through a work on the chakras and auras, in other) thus reviving the circulation of vital energy.

The set allows, according to the goals, to evacuate bodily memories, emotional ... and karmic.


Balancing time ...

The rebalancing period may vary depending on the individual and the care provided. Count at least 3 days, maximum 15 days. Nothing is really abnormal during this time, your body evacuates ... useless to try to identify the causes ... we just have to let the best we can.


This post-care can be felt physically, mentally, emotionally ... and also spiritually ...


The energies work during those days, your body evacuates and recharges. Your organs are revitalized and will work more intensely until you find a point of balance. It is imperative to drink at least 1 liter of water a day during this period.


Rest is important ... spare yourself .. and listen to your body. It is also imperative that you do not block the evacuation during the treatment.

For example, not letting out tears, not resting for X reasons while your body claims it ... will block some of the comforting result. Impatience and negative thoughts too can corrupt the results by reinstalling old patterns.

Symptoms during balancing ...

  • Great physical heaviness but mental clarity Aches,

  • backache, headaches

  • Restless sleep

  • "Emotional Fragility" ... it's momentary !! do not worry if you are soup au lait :)

  • Memories, thoughts and emotions that re-emerge (Let out !!!)

  • Transit disturbed

  • Feeling of fever,

  • influenza state Possibility of declaring Rhinitis - Bronchitis / Rhinopharyngitis (Especially when one releases from the emotional.)

Need change, .. Rest assured ... at the end of this "washing / spinning" intensive ... you will SOU-LA-GES durably !!


The phone call lasts 50 minutes at a price of 80 €


About Twin Flames:

I work in partnership with Fabien Marchand, we are specialized in the diagnosis of FJ, and have established the program of Uniqueness together, thanks to our respective experiences as than FJ and therapist.


If you have recognized your FJ, I strongly encourage you to watch and work the uniqueness videos and read the articles "Unity is the key" before making an appointment with one of us to specify your link but also define the compensation plan.

Work in energy does not replace in any way your compensation and therapeutic work.

Everything is complementary and must absolutely be maintained.




Rebalancing treatment


Purification of emotional and karmic memories


Harmonization of places


Coaching in traumas exploration


Affective dependance


Fj diagnosis and compensation




Intra and extra entity release


Magnetism / Dam


Purification of intra uterine and transgenerational memories


Managing emotions


Management and development of mediumship


food rebalancing





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