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My journey

As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in alternative medicine, personal development, psychology, spirituality, ancient civilizations, hermeticism. 


In 1995, I met a Naturopath-Iridologist and Magnetist who triggered in me an absolute certainty that I should definitely learn a maximum of natural healing techniques. Since then I have undertaken a gradual professional reconversion. During that time, I discovered the laws of traditional Chinese energy, alchemy, and hermeticism. 


After graduating in naturopathy, iridology and energy, I opened my first practice office in Alsace, my adopted region, to finally a few years later, return to my region of origin. 


My curiosity and thirst for knowledge led me to want to master 

technques, attend to classes and conferences, read as much as I could, and read and reread ancient texts. With respect and humility, I studied the works done by my fathers, studied their inheritances, tried to understand their reasoning. 


My goal was to assert a fair and honest judgment, in regard of ancient holistic medicines, but also to enable the greatest number to have access to old knowledge by popularizing precepts mostly considered to be obscure and inaccessible. 

The enormous number of requests for advice and classes quickly made of me a speaker and instructor in almost all holistic, natural and energy related disciplines. 


I try to provoke mind opening everywhere in France through the classes I proposed on naturopathy, magnetism, energy healing, intuition development, etc. It was natural that I have become an author as a way to transmit to the greatest number of people the fruits of my years of labor and experience. 


But it was only when I met my Twin Flame half that my life took a big. That meeting had been announced to me by a medium more than 10 years ago, forced me to a complete overhaul of my psychology, my emotions, my feelings, my vision about life, about my own life, my spirituality, my communication with the afterlife, my very vision of Humanity… 


It was through that profound experience of the Self that I finally understood each stage of my life and the principle of Unity in the Being, fundamental Alchemical principles that one day every individual on Earth should reach, but principles that only the Twin Flames are the precursors. 


For many years, the Source had transmitted to me all the elements necessary for the work that all the twin flames would have to do in order to attain an Individual Unicity allowing Unicity and Fusion with one’s opposite and complementary “other.” 


The channeled writings in my possession allowed me to understand the mechanism governing all TFs, and it was with a methodical spirit that I questioned a hundred people in order to refine accurate protoco-ls provided to those I accompany on therapy.


Naturally since then, I have become a specialized coach in the accompaniment for Twin Flames, a fringe of humanity that must prepare all the others to the establishment of a collective consciousness, change the current paradigm, awaken to a more perceptual life, with more justice, without judgment from the matrix, education-based, societal, and opened to Self unconditional love and so… to our neighbors.


As you may be seeking for a physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual balance, whether you may be a Twin Flame, seeking for advice, support, or confirmation for something, you can consult the calendars of my colleagues ...




Twin Flames' Relationship and Compensation

Overcoming Love Addiction

Personal Development

Diagnosis and Treatment of Faux Self

Psycho-Spiritual Development


Food Education

Allergies and intolerance






Creator of the methods:


  • Unicity© for Twin Flames

  • The 4 Consciences©

  • Unicity© Therapist

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