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Unity is the Key (Part 1/6)

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Author: Fabien Marchand, Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.

Unity is Key…

What does that mean?

At first, one may define it as meaning “Union” … understated Union of all, with everyone. At least that is what we understand initially in an esoteric way if one applies it to others instead of themselves.


In 2013, people would say “I forgive you,” but that unity is nowhere in the world to be felt… No problem. Patiently waiting, believing like a true mystic delirious person would, hoping that things make arrangements, and that somehow, all of us will be guided along the way to get there … (laughing hard!)

Every day, I sought for the real meaning of that sentence… I proved myself that, despite what I believe to be constructive efforts, I realized that I could not even put that unity, that union, in place with my twin flame.

So how could one radiate from that unity without living it yourself?

Like all mystic-delusional people, I took the problem the wrong way. From the outside of me, I tried to effectuate that unity, that relationship, with others. Fatally, I had identified my twin as to be my most important “other”.

But how could I possibly reach unification within me when my twin flame would constantly be showing to me that I was missing a piece, the one he held, the one he is … for which I was unaware of?

The famous mirror effect of the twin flame. Such an effect capable of triggering sentiments of abandonment (if you are a chaser), or of rejection (if you are a runner), programmed in the subconscious.

An unconsciously driving program capable of revealing one’s inaptitudes, lacks, beliefs, or even his most aberrant behaviors, instantly putting them in pain, driving them to “throw a feet.”

Then following an endless series of disappointments about oneself, about the other, which day after day erodes the relationship of the couple as a consequently.

Losing trust in the other, one mistakenly believes, to be a result of his disappointments or of the other for not trying to make the relationship take root. Mistakes all along the line. In esoteric terms, the loss of confidence is due to the absence strong principles.

The reflex to seek to first unify the outside rather than the inside is above all a defense behavior, a bulwark to not explore one’s interiority or quit one’s comfort zone.

Yet if you decide to face that situation, you will be forced to begin a deep inner self-exploration work, humbly analyzing your Me to then build your Self, his true Self. You who could surpass all the constraints will be capable of accepting all the inherent results of your decisions and hopes…

It is at that moment now where one builds self-confidence… And it is exactly because the Self has just been born that it should be finally able to learn, retain, and become… Free.

The inner emptiness fills in, the gaps cease to exist, and one day, by dint of work, Self-Love is finally there.

At that moment, finally whole, “the ONEdividual” is Unified in all his polarities, in all opposites, in all oppositions: harmony reigns.

As a result, Unconditional Love nourishes the Self and one grows out of that experience better. We truly love, without conditions, without reasons, without explanations, and even without purpose.

So, what is unity? It’s all of the above, but much more…

Case to be continued…

Author: Fabien Marchand Translated by Tony Da Costa with the permission of the author.

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